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Child's Ankle Foot Orthotic Sock Style 5AH

Child's Ankle Foot Orthotic Sock Style 5AH


Style Code: 5AH

A child's knee length smooth, firm fitting, good wearing, absorbent sock with a low tendency to crease inside leg braces or other orthotic devices. This is achieved by: using thicker elastane with more power to fit firmly; using mercerised cotton for absorbency; blending the mercerised cotton with a fine nylon to improve wear and abrasion resistance; and making true linked toes so there are no ridges in the toe area. NOTE: To ensure a fit without wrinkles we recommend an ortotist should fit this sock.

Contents: 96% Mercerised Cotton, 2% Elastane, 2% Nylon.

Size: Foot Length 10.5-14cm, Foot Length 14-18.5cm, Foot Length 18.5-20cm and Foot Length 20-24cm

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