Humphrey Law


Mining Boot Sock Style 66S

Mining Boot Sock Style 66S


Style Code: 66S

11 x 1 Rib top with elastane in welt only. This construction allows greater sideways stretch and is technically a better construction than an in turned welt top.

Blister protection improved with full pure wool terry inner layer. This aids moisture removal without increasing foot temperature.

Tapered leg to minimise slipping in boot. By knitting the lower leg tighter to follow the shape of a normal leg and ankle it is possible to decrease the possibility of slipping into the boot without using elastane which would decrease moist air flow up the leg. Nylon outer layer for durability and to protect wool inner layer.
Contents: 77.5% Wool, 22% Nylon, 0.5% Lycra.

Size: Small, Medium and Large

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