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Health Sock Facts

Humphrey Law made the original Health Sock® in 1986 to hug the leg and stay up without using tight elastic in the top. Our health socks are also made with healthy fibres such as wool, mercerised cotton and alpaca.

Humphrey Law Health Socks® with Wool Connect wool are the best you will ever wear.
Fine merino wool from Wool Connect is used in most wool and wool blend health socks. This is selected 19.5 micron high strength, long fibre, fine merino fleece wool. Wool Connect wool is grown by farmers around Boorowa in NSW. They control selection and processing into finished yarn. The long, strong and fine fibres ensure a soft silky handle and low pilling. The wool has a comfort factor above 98% to guarantee none of the itch, scratch or prickle of coarser wools.
Fine merino Wool Health Sock styles are:
Men's 17C, 45C, 49C, 62C, 65C, 67X, 69C, 85C , 86C, 87C, 31H
Ladies' 41C, 44C, 49C, 65C, 67X, 83C, 85C , 87C
Children's 91C
With alpaca 03C, 04C , 07C
Sport 27B, 33A, 33B, 34A, 36A, 61C, 64F
No elastic and no tight elastic Humphrey Law Health Socks® don’t slip down.
Some of our wool blend socks are labelled ‘Low pressure, no elastic’. The stretch in these socks comes from the nylon or polyester yarn in the blend. This exerts the lowest pressure on any part of the leg or foot.
Low Pressure styles:
Men's 17C, 45C, 57X, 69C
Unisex extra wide 67X
The socks marked ‘No tight elastic’ use a fine elastane to give them stretch. The elastane ensures a neat smooth fit around leg and ankle whilst exerting only a light pressure on leg and foot. Both types use ribs or tapered knitting to ensure they don’t slip down.
No Tight Elastic styles:
Men's Wool 12C, 17C, 49C, 62C, 65C, 85C , 86C, 87C
Men's Cotton 51C , 55C, 57C, 59C
Ladies' Wool 41C, 44C, 49C, 65C, 83C, 85C , 87C
Ladies' Cotton 50C, 51C , 52C, 57C
Children's Wool 91C
Alpaca Unisex 01C, 03C, 04C , 05C, 07C

Humphrey Law Health Socks® absorb moisture
Cotton is slightly better than wool for sweaty feet, as it absorbs more moisture than wool. Mercerised cotton is soft cotton that has been treated to wear longer and absorb even more moisture than untreated cotton. It can also be dyed brighter colours. However cotton can feel damp and wet and become cold if the temperature drops after absorbing moisture. Wool stays drier against the skin so it feels warmer even when damp.
Thicker socks will absorb more moisture than thinner socks.
Wool or cotton is ultimately an individual choice; however a higher natural fibre content will always be more comfortable.

Lifetime of Humphrey Law Health Socks®
There is a trade off between comfort and long life. Alpaca is very warm but Wool is extremely comfortable but not particularly strong. Mercerised cotton will outlast wool of similar weight, and nylon as a much higher abrasion resistance than either wool or cotton.
For extra wear choose a wool or cotton blend.
For boots choose a sock with a nylon outer layer.
Thicker socks will wear longer than thinner socks.
Holes in shoe lining and rough patches inside the shoe or on the skin will wear through any socks very quickly.
A sock that is too small will wear out at the toe or heel.

Broad feet
Broad feet may be more comfortable in ribbed or low pressure socks that have more sideways stretch.

Australian Made quality
All Humphrey Law Health Socks® are knitted, dyed, finished and packed in Australia.

Care instructions
Washing and drying instructions for Humphrey Law Health socks® are detailed on each label.
Please note that wool must not be bleached and should not be washed at very high temperatures.
Strong bleach may affect the colour of cotton socks.