Humphrey Law



Humphrey Law embraces the concept of environmental sustainability, that is, taking action that protects the environment through such approaches as using renewable resources and reducing pollution.  As it happens we have found, in our seventy plus years of manufacturing that these environmental approaches invariably align with sound business practice.

Most recently we have installed 357 solar panels on the factory roof.  These will generate 100 kW of electricity which means that from now on every second sock we make will use electricity direct from the sun. 


This adds to our previous sustainability efforts which have included:

  • Installation of a new state-of –the-art dyeing machine which uses less water, uses less energy, uses less chemicals and reduces our waste.
  • Replacement of all fluorescent lighting with LED tubes throughout our factory, reducing energy use. 
  • Recycling and repair of the old fluorescent fittings and removal of their ballasts to use for the new LED tubes.  The removal of the ballasts improved our Power Factor.  (An improved Power Factor means our energy supplier can supply more customers with the same cable size). Our lighting energy use has been decreased by 70% as a result of these two measures.
  • Installation of separate solar panels to provide hot water for our dyeing machines.
  • Renovation of our knitting room and installation of a low energy climate control system that works without the need for refrigerated air-conditioning.  That in turn reduces knitting room raw material waste by accurately controlling humidity. The use of double glazing, extra insulation and recycling waste heat from another process reduces to zero, our winter heating cost in the knitting room. This environmentally sensitive project has cut energy costs, reduced waste, and improved product quality.
  • Re-use of cardboard boxes and plastic yarn cones within the factory, with ultimate disposal with other paper, plastic, glass and metal re-cycling.